“I believe in giving people the space to learn. A motivated staff member is one who will want to do his job better.”

Mr. Ang Chin Koon, Founder & CEO of myCK, in an interview with The Straits Times on receiving the Enterprise 50 Awards.

Staff Testimonial

"Under company and management guidance and development, I've learned so many new things, broadened my horizons, and increase my capability that help me in my working experience. From my younger days to being a husband and father, I've built my career with myCK and am thankful for this pillar in my life."

Lee Oon Kian 

Branch Manager
Chong Pang Outlet
15 years in myCK

"I've gained invaluable experience with myCK.  I enjoy the moments with colleagues here, we learn and grow together, overcoming challenges and share each other happiness. The company and management is also very caring and has conducted many trainings and leisure events to ensure our welfare."

Wang Qiuli

Branch Supervisor
Clementi West Outlet
8 years in myCK

"When I first joined myCK, I was a 16 year old student working for part time. After graduated from school, I chose to come back to work in myCK to start my career path. The best part about this place is the joy & laughter between my colleagues. We play, we laugh, we learn and we grow together."

Kimberly Lee Hui Min

Senior Sales Asst.
Tampines 3 Outlet
2 years in myCK

"When joining myCK, I had neither academic qualifications nor relevant work experience, but company willing to give me a chance to work and learn. Now, I know how to use computer software for work. The company has also arranged training courses and activities that boosted my confidence. Thank you to myCK for giving me these opportunities."

Choi Lai Fuen

Asst Section Supervisor
Chinatown Outlet
14 years in myCK

"Quality work, great environment and learning opportunities are the reason I chose to work with myCK. My seniors and colleagues are very organised and easy to work with. The working experience in myCK is great and I am very happy to be part of the company."

Leong Fook Chong

Warehouse Supervisor
9 years in myCK

"One year of this enthralling journey with myCK and still counting. I appreciate how personal growth is priortised and respected in this company. I believe that the success of myCK is due to great teamwork and collaboration within the entire myCK Famliy, from Headquarters to outlets."

Chen Lei

Marketing Executive (Marcom)
Marketing Dept
2 years in myCK

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